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We are very excited to share examples of our work. Please click through the galleries below to see some examples of the work we’ve had the pleasure of doing.


Stephanie B

Elaine did my kitchen cabinets and they look amazing. I thought I had no space but now I have tons and can easily find everything I need.

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She also wears a mask and face shield. If you have clutter that you can’t seem to figure out I highly recommend SOS.

Lewiston Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
Congratulations Elaine Morency St. Pierre on the wonderful article in the Sun Journal on your new business venture Simply Organized Spaces!

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Have a room in your house that could use some organizing? Be sure to reach out to Elaine and start off 2021 decluttered!

Lucie B
Elaine was born to organize. It comes so naturally to her! She’s had years of experience. But not everyone has this special talent, so if you need help decluttering your home & your life, call Elaine! 

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She can work miracles, and you’ll be very pleased & amazed at how she can transform your cluttered drawers, cabinets, cupboards, office spaces, closets, etc., to neat & organized! It will make your life so much easier and less stressful, and you can find everything so much quicker! As an extreme organizer, I know what Elaine is capable of and what she’s accomplished in her own home! Anyone who hires Elaine will be thrilled with the results! I highly recommend her!

Heather M
I highly recommend Simply Organized Spaces! Elaine was extremely patient and thorough in organizing multiple rooms in my home (bedroom, office, bathroom, and kitchen.)

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She helped me to make the best use of my space and suggested systems to help keep everything in its correct place. I can be a bit of a hoarder at times and Elaine was always judgement-free in helping me to figure out what to keep and what to get rid of.  I am so happy with how my closets and cabinets look and would recommend Elaine’s services to anyone! 

Andrea Q.
Elaine is a treasure. She works with you so that your home reflects the wonderful things that you own, and gets rid of the out-of-date, unnecessary and unattractive clutter.

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Whenever I look at my place now, I feel a sense of real calm and I can feel the energy flow unrestricted. I also know that I have pared down my things to that which I really and truly use and/or love. I highly recommend her services.

Scott S
Elaine has organized my entire house and my life! My house is decluttered and everything is organized and labeled and I can find whatever I need pretty quickly with the systems that are in place throughout my home.

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Elaine set up an office workspace in my home that includes partitions to divide the room. This helps me to stay focused and eliminate distractions. All of my paper and electronic files are now in folders, which are labeled, organized, and easily accessible.
In my kitchen, all of my cabinets, drawers, and refrigerator shelves are neat and organized. I have a separate cabinet set up for containers which are used to store leftovers. This makes my life so much easier! In my large extra freezer, I have baskets that are labeled, including one for my leftover meals.
I didn’t realize how beneficial it would be to become organized! I no longer waste time searching for things or buying things that I already own because I can’t find the original. I now have systems in place that will make it simple for me to keep things organized. It also feels good to have gotten rid of things that I hadn’t used for years that I was keeping for no reason! I would highly recommend Elaine and Simply Organized Spaces!

Caleb M
I have never seen my home so organized. Elaine did a great job and was extremely helpful, and she is a very nice lady!

Laurie B
Great business in a time where I had the time to purge and organize through 30+ years of “stuff” in my basement. Elaine is so kind and gentle. At first, I was hesitant like a person on the TLC show “Hoarders”.

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Elaine was encouraging. Once I dove in, we purged 15 bags and boxes to donate. All of my remaining items are in plastic bins, and sorted. Elaine is a dynamo!!! I encourage anyone, if you are hesitant and just cannot get up the courage to take the insurmountable leap, SOS is the business for you.

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