The purpose of our work is to:

  • Help clients achieve short-term goals and provide them with the tools and knowledge necessary for long-term success.
  • Offer clients judgment-free assistance by breaking down overwhelming tasks, managing their time, decluttering their work and living spaces, and putting systems in place to help them be more productive and eliminate distractions.
  • Guide clients and keep them focused, motivated, and confident in their decisions about what to do with the things that impede their work flow.
  • Offer optional virtual consulting and organizing services.

Our Services Can Include

  • Organizing and decluttering your home (kitchens, pantries, closets, living room, bedrooms, playrooms, home offices, laundry rooms, garages, basements, etc.)
  • Organizing or downsizing estates
  • Organizing your move (decluttering/downsizing, packing, and unpacking)
  • Supporting individuals with chronic disorganization and ADD/ADHD
  • Coaching in time management, organizing, and productivity (professional or personal life)
  • Paper, electronic files, information and data organization
  • Photograph and multi-media organization
  • Cataloging and displaying collections and memorabilia
  • Workflow and technology organization
  • Organizing for seniors (bill paying, prescriptions, insurance forms and tax document organizing)
  • Ask questions to aid with your decision making about what to keep, shred, recycle, donate, etc.
  • Help clients create a check-list of daily and weekly tasks that seem more achievable
  • Donate or discard items after purging

Organizing Package
For home, office, and everyone!


Containers available for $6 to $8/each


15-minute virtual consultation

1 hour organizing session, including judgment-free coaching

Time-saving strategies and creation of new solutions

Removal of donated items